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We are passionate about the power of digital to deliver exceptional business performance.

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This is the background of any successful campaign – working closely with you to identify your clients and understand where they exist in the digital arena and what behaviours they exhibit allows us to get your brand in spaces where they’re likely to see you.

Understanding their search behaviour, problems and needs that they face allows us to provide the answer to their questions and present the most effective messages to highlight your solutions.

Keyword and Market Research

Getting your ads seen requires a deadly combo of engaging written copy, effective audience targeting and relevant landing pages to seal the deal. Setting PPC up is the easy bit, but refining testing and making every penny work as hard as possible for your business is where the real art comes in.

We can work across any and all networks including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search partners to reach people you’ve never reached before with your solutions.

Pay Per Click

Product listing ads across the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay and more can have incredible impacts on businesses who get everything right. Customers are in the ‘buying’ mind-set and looking for a product or service like yours, so you’d best stand out right?

Work alongside our experts to get everything right, from choosing the best marketplaces, ad copy, imagery, descriptions and feed management to ensure you’re promoting the right products at the right time.


Over 90% of users don’t convert on their first visit to a website, that’s a lot of lost potential. Effective remarketing works to engage with those people who came searching for your product but left without transacting. You’ve already incurred cost to get them here once, it’s wasteful to not work on converting these clients by reengaging with them at different stages of the buying cycle.


Paid Media Marketing

Paid Media

We are passionate about the power of digital to deliver exceptional business performance.

Having the right content, in the right places, at the right time can turn any work of fiction into reality!

Some people just work better with pictures than text! Display is a way to supercharge any paid media strategy. Integrating programmatic platforms such as RocketFuel or Quantcast can allow users to squeeze every last drop of potential out of partners such as the Google Display Network to deliver hyper-personalised ads to audiences that fit your product offering like a glove.


Did you know nowadays the average person spends nearly two hours a day on social media platforms? That’s a big captive audience right there if you have the tools to tap into it, and what do you know, we do! The principles of social ads don’t differ greatly from other paid channels, but the real power comes from the incredibly sophisticated targeting methods.

With the likes of Facebook and Twitter knowing so much about their users, we can too. This ensures you can deliver your message to a perfectly defined audience to help achieve whatever business goals you may have.

Paid Social

We believe that external agencies are great for helping businesses grow, but eventually you may want to fledge the nest and take the responsibilities in-house where the true knowledge about your business can’t be any better! For this, we’re more than happy and actively encourage in-house teams to transition and extend whatever work we’ve begun here at Cloverleaf.


Our training programs to build in-house confidence are all catered one-to-one so that you aren’t lumbered with some cookie-cutter solution.


Paid Media Content

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