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In theory it’s still possible to have a website that’s amazing for the end user and terrible for bots, but in practice that’s rare.

Most websites fall somewhere in between, with a few issues preventing their full potential and being able to identify these and move past them can make all the difference depending on the stress Google puts on that factor. Can push a car all you want but if the handbrake is on, you’ll struggle! Our audits seek to identify any pitfalls or areas of resistance and provide the next steps to resolve them.

Technical Audit

Content is a tricky one, and search engines will always tell you to write for the end user but in reality it’s not always that simple. Understanding the way that your audience is searching for your products and services allows you to create content that solves their problems. Keeping customers happy is the best way to keep search engines happy, and happy search engines mean more happy customers! Our team of writers can use content strategy to surgically cut through the noise and ensure your company is saying the right things in the right places.

Content Audit

This is the bit of SEO that can be dangerous territory. The aim is this, to generate credible, quantifiable backlinks from domains with topical relevancy and digital clout.

Simple, right? This area of SEO is a quagmire for many and activities here can often cause more harm than good without a solid game plan.

Here at Cloverleaf we’ll work with your strategic priorities and content plan to devise the best method of getting attention from those in your industry. With a true “white-hat” approach (we hate using that term, feels like it’s 2005), we look to generate reasons for people to link to your domain. Creating value on your site is the best way to credit – there’s no bullet-proof shortcuts with this one!



Build your website, advertising and design philosophy with the end user in mind and you’re undoubtedly half way there – but that second part of the journey requires understanding what the search engines are looking for in a website to rank it’s pages higher, and this is where we can help.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first”.

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